1. In the creation story, the task of giving names to all living creatures was performed by

A. God

B. Adam

C. Eve

D. Angels


2. God's ability to create by His spoken word depicts His

A. omnipotence

B. omniscience

C. sovereignty

D. affluence


3. God said to Abraham " To your descendants I shall give this land". Which descendants are referred to here?

A. Ishmaelites

B. Philistines

C. Edomites

D. Hebrews


4. Moses' death was as a result of

A. disobedience

B. disrespect

C. unrepentance

D. old age


5. God prepared Joseph for his leadership role in Egypt through

A. the love which his father had for him

B. the trials and temptations of his earlier years

C. his belief that his dreams would materialize

D. the training received from his father


6. Deborah instructed Barak to engage the forces of Jabin in a battle at

A. River Kishon

B. Mount Gerizim

C. Mount Horeb

D. River Tigris


7. "The Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman" This statement was directed to

A. Lappidoth

B. Barak

C. Jael

D. Jabin


8. Who among the following deprived God of the honour due to Him by treating the sacrifices with contempt?

A. Samuel and Samson

B. Joel and and Abijah

C. Hophni and Phineas

D. Jonathan and David


9. Prophet Samuel had two worthless sons called

A. Joel and Abihu

B. Nadab and Abihu

C. Joel and Abijah

D. Abijah and Nadab


10. God's punishment to King Solomon for idolatry was that all

A. his wives and concubines would go to his enemies

B. the tribes except Judah would be taken away from him

C. his children and wives would go on exile

D. the chambers of his palaces would be occupied by his enemies


11. When David became King of the entire Israel, he moved the capital from

A. Jerusalem to Hebron

B. Hebron to Jerusalem

C. Damascus to Jericho

D. Jericho to Damascus


12. At Gibeon, God promised to lengthen Solomon's days if he could

A. Conquer the Syrian King

B. build a temple for God

C. keep God's commandments

D. write three thousand proverbs


13. The contest on Mount Carmel was to determine wether

A. the house of Ahab would retain succession to the throne

B. Elijah was a true prophet of God

C. God or Baal was to be worshipped in Israel

D. Jezebel's authority would still prevail in Israel


14. The prophet that rebuked David for seizing Uriah's wife was

A. Nathan

B. Hosea

C. Amos

D. Elisha


15. The King of Babylon laid siege to Jerusalem because Zedekiah

A. sinned against God

B. rebelled against Babylon

C. escaped through a breach in the wall

D. Threatened to destroy Babylonian idols


16. The new Covenant was unique because it was

A. written on tablets of stone

B. written upon the hearts of men

C. brought down from Mount Zion

D. issued at God's own initiative


17. The scroll which Ezekiel ate was

A. honey comb

B. message of God

C. God's covenant

D. God's commandment


18. The Chaldean officials conspired against Daniel because

A. King Darius had set Daniel over his entire kingdom

B. Daniel refused to worship the King's image

C. they were jealous of Daniel's wisdom

D. Daniel was seen as a foreigner


19. Joseph took Mary but knew her not until she had borne a son because

A. he did not want to disgrace Mary

B. he did not want to defile himself

C. he obeyed angelic instruction

D. to do otherwise would defile the child's holiness


20. According to Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are the peace makers for

A. theirs is the kingdom of heaven"

B. they shall inherit the world"

C. they shall obtain mercy"

D. they shall be called sons of God"


21. Jesus' teaching about discipleship emphasized

A. the need to bury the need

B. total commitment and absolute dedication

C. a place for the Son of man to lay his head

D. putting one's hand into the plough


22. During the mission of the twelve, Jesus gave all the following instructions except

A. "go nowhere among the Gentiles"

B. "enter no town of the Samaritans

C. "go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel"

D. "take enough provision for your needs"


23. Which of the following illustrates the parable of the Mustard seed

A. Unprecedented germination of the grain

B. The small beginning of Christianity and its universal growth

C. The full grown mustard seed, attracting different birds to ts branches

D. the gradual development of one's talent


24. The Centurion whose servant Jesus healed demonstrated

A. concern and love

B. pride and power

C. humility and faith

D. greed and avarice


25.  As light of the world, Christians are expected to

A. claim that they are born again

B. be exemplary in all they do

C. preach the word of GOD

D. Plant churches in their communities


26. In the Transfiguration story, Moses represents the law while Elijah represents the

A. Saints

B. Patriachs

C. Prophets

D. Jews


27. "As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world" Jesus said this at the

A. turning of water into wine

B. raising up of Lazarus

C. raising up the widow's son

D. healing of the man born blind


28. "This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased; listen to him" This voice was heard during the

A. baptism of Jesus at river Jordan

B. temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness

C. trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate

D. transfiguration of Jesus on the Mountain


29. Jesus performed nature miracles to demonstrate all the following except

A. fame

B. power

C. concern

D. faith


30. Judas Iscariot sealed up his betrayal pact with the chief priests and elders saying "whomsoever I shall

A. dine with the same is he"

B. hold, the same is he

C. kiss, the same is he"

D. look at, the same is he"


31. The splitting of the curtain of the Temple after the death of Jesus indicated that

A. the holy place and the holy of holies were united

B. the Gentiles could worship in the holy of holies

C. nothing could be hidden from other worshippers

D. only priests could enter the holy of holies


32. The community of believers in Jerusalem exhibited all the following except

A. solemnizing marriage within their circle

B. continuing daily with one accord in the temple

C. breaking bread in their homes

D. praising God and having favour with people


33. Peter in his sermon on the day of Pentecost called on his audience to

A. fast and pray

B. repent and be baptized

C. receive the power of casting out demons

D. receive the power of interpretation of tongues


34. The disciple in Damascus that God commissioned to restore the sight of Saul was

A. Phillip

B. Ananias

C. Peter

D. Barnabas


35. "The gods have come down to us in the likeness of men" The statement was made by

A. the people of Lystra

B. the people of Samaria

C. Elymas, the magician

D. Sergius Paulus


36. Cornelius a centurion of the Italian cohort in Caesaria was converted and baptized by

A. Peter

B. Paul

C. Phillip

D. Barnabas


37. Paul made a comparison between Adam and Jesus to show that

A. both Adam and Jesus were human

B. Adam succumbed to temptation while Jesus did not

C. Adam caused man to sin while Jesus provides salvation

D. both were subjected to temptation in the wilderness


38. The primary motive for Christian offering is to

A. qualify for a mansion in heaven

B. respond to God's gift to Christians

C. Qualify for the pleasures of this world

D. consolidate the offer of salvation


39. Paul warned fathers not to provoke their children because they

A. might become angry

B. could disrespect their fathers

C. could become discouraged

D. might become so rebellious


40. Paul stated that the signs for the Second Coming of Jesus will start with

A. famine

B. rebellion

C. earthquake

D. darkness


41. According to Paul, Grace is a

A. right for all Christians to make wealth

B. privilege to live long

C. free gift from God for the man of faith

D. the right to gain eternal life


42. Paul taught that justification can only be obtained by

A. obeying the law of Moses

B. working hard on earth

C. having faith in Jesus

D. going to church regularly


43. "If anyone would not work let him not eat" By this statement, Paul implies that

A. work is essential for salvation

B. there is dignity in labour

C. hard work is required of all believers

D. only the hard-workers will be edified


44. Paul's letter to Philemon is about

A. simplicity

B. truthfulness

C. forgiveness

D. humility


45. According to James , pure religion combines

A. worship and work

B. stewardship and worship

C. faith and work

D. faith and stewardship


46. Factors that lead to unanswered prayers do not include

A. sin

B. perseverance

C. unfaithfulness

D. greed


47. According to James, effectiveness of prayer depends on

A. privacy in prayers

B. numbers of prayers

C. praying aloud repeatedly

D. unshaken faith


48. An important factor for effective prayer according to James is

A. love

B. mercy

C. courage

D. faith


49. Peter ascribed to Christians all the following titles except

A. God's own people

B. a holy nation

C. a royal priesthood

D. a humble people


50. According to Peter, God set up the State to

A. carry out appropriate sanctions

B. collect taxes from its citizens

C. cater for the needs of each family

D. ensure the education of its citizens