1. The land, the sea and vegetation were created on the

A. first day

B. second day

C. third day

D. fifth day


2. God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it because it marked the day that He

A. completed His work of creation

B. handed over the earth to Adam

C. saw all His created work as perfect

D. rested from His work of creation


3. Which of the following was not part of the honour done to Joseph when Pharaoh made him ruler in Egypt

A. Joseph was made to address the people

B. the land of Goshen was given to Joseph

C. Joseph was dressed in garments of fine linen

D. a gold chain was put around Joseph's neck


4. What was Moses' reaction when God called him to liberate his people from Egypt?

A. He was afraid of being punished for his previous offence

B. His people would think he was too young to lead them

C. His people would not listen to him

D. His father-in-law would not allow him to go


5. God led the Israelites in the wilderness during the day in the form of

A. fire

B. light

C. cloud

D. rainbow


6. When Moses stayed away for too long on the mountain, the people of Israel

A. prayed and fasted

B. embarked on farming

C. returned to Egypt

D. made and worshiped idol


7. God provided water for the Israelites by asking Moses to strike the rock at the wilderness of

A. Rephidium

B. sin

C. Massah

D. Paran


8. When the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul,

A. a new spirit entered into him

B. an evil spirit from God tormented him

C. he consulted an oracle

D. he went into hiding


9. When David spared the life of Saul the second time, he took away his

A. bow and arrow

B. spear and jar of water

C. royal crown and armour

D. spear and iron sheild


10. Solomon first applied wisdom granted to him by God at Gibeon by the

A. establishment of high places in Judah

B. utterances of proverbs and parables

C. marriage alliances with foreign nations

D. judgement between the two harlots


11. In his reform, king Josiah first attacked the

A. prostitutes that came around the temple at night

B. priests that made burnt offerings in the temple

C. Canaanite divinities- the Baal and Ashera

D. traders who profaned the temple


12. A good example of parental responsibility was demonstrated by

A. Asa

B. Jehoboam

C. Joel

D. Rehoaboam


13. Gomer's attitude towards her loving husband symbolizes

A. Hosea's unfaithfulness to God

B. Israel's infaithfulness to God

C. God's love for Israel

D. God's hatred for Israel's iniquities


14. The universal nature of God was demonstrated in the salvation of the people of

A. Joppa

B. Tarshish

C. Tekoa

D. Nineveh


15. Ahab was condemned for allowing Jericho to be rebuilt although that city has been

A. under Joshua’s curse

B. devastated by an earthquake

C. the scene of unexplained fatal accident

D. the site for Canaanite human sacrifice


16. Amos declared that God hated solemn feasts, songs and sacrifices because the people of Israel were

A. unjust and unrighteous

B. unforgiving and unrepentant

C. despicable and untruthful

D. luxurious and arrogant


17. At Ezekiel's call he beheld

A. the love of God

B. God's glory

C. power of God

D. God's mercy


18. In spite of Israel's unfaithfulness, Jeremiah saw a ray of hope for them if only they should

A. forgive one another

B. repent and return to God

C. always swear by God

D. show favour to strangers


19. Jesus came to John at river Jordan to

A. proclaim himself as Messiah

B. disclose himself to John

C. call some of John's disciples

D. receive baptism like others


20."Blessed are the peacemakers for

A. theirs is the kingdom of God"

B. they shall be called sons of God"

C. they shall inherit the earth"

D. they shall be comforted"


21. According to the Mosaic law, the only authority to declare a leper healed was

A. Jesus Christ

B. the Emperor

C. the priest

D. the elders


22. Which of the following did not happen immediately after Jesus yielded up his spirit on the cross?

A. the curtain of the temple was torn into two

B. Joseph of Arimathea removed his body for burial

C. the earth shook, the rocks were split

D. the tombs of the saints were opened


23. According to Matthew, the disciples were sent out with the charge to go nowhere among the Gentiles nor enter any town of the

A. Jews

B. Samaritans

C. Israelites

D. Unbelievers


24. Which of the following miracles show Jesus' power over nature?

A. Walking on the sea

B. Healing of the leper

C. Healing of the woman with issue of blood

D. Raising of Lazarus from the dead


25. The fate that would befall those who do not receive the gospel of Jesus would be

A. rejection by men

B. lack of peace in the family

C. condemnation of the church

D. condemnation by God

26. Which according to Luke, were the last words of Jesus?

A. "Eli Eli lamasabach-thani"

B. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"

C. "Truly i say to you, today you will be with me in paradise"

D. "Father unto thy hands I commit my spirit"


27. The first five disciples that Jesus called as recorded in the Synoptic gospels were

A. Peter, Andrew, James, John and Levi

B. Peter, Andrew, James, John and Thomas

C. Peter, Andrew, James, John and Zebedee

D. Peter, Andrew, James, John and Judas Iscariot


28. Peter's general outlook towards Gentile converts was significantly changed by the conversion

A. People of Lydda

B. The people of Samaria

C. Simon the magician

D. Cornelius the centurion


29. Which Jewish party was bitterly opposed to the disciples for preaching the Resurrection of Jesus

A. The Pharisees

B. The Sadducees

C. The Zealots

D. The Sanhedrin


30. When Peter was in prison, the church

A. appealed to the authorities

B. lived in fear

C. prayed ceaselessly

D. fought for his release


31. The miracles of Jesus in St John's Gospel was referred to as "signs of the

A. manifestations of Jesus as the Messiah

B. consuming power of God's glory

C. Jugdement that will come upon unbelievers

D. second coming of Jesus



32. Believers according to Jesus in John's gospel, become his friends if they imbibe his teaching on

A. forgiveness

B. obedience

C. love

D. faith


33. The miracles of Jesus recorded in John's gospel are called

A. works

B. signs

C. powers

D. wonders


34. The result of justification by faith is

A. divine protection

B. peace with God

C. Forgiveness of sins

D. answered prayers


35. Which of the following is the result of Christian baptism

A. Fufillment of all righteousness

B. walking in the newness of life

C. Ability to move fast

D. yielding of one's life to pray


36.  Sin that reigns in our mortal bodies makes us obey

A. one another

B. rules and regulations

C. our passions

D. our rulers


37. Paul considered himself unfit to be called an apostle because he

A. did not see Jesus

B. persecuted the church

C. worked hard to attain his position

D. was the least among the believers


38. Paul says that only the heathen who are led astray by dumb idols could say

A. "Jesus is Lord"

B. "Praise ye the Lord"

C. "Hail the Messiah"

D. "Jesus be cursed"


39. In the Epistle to Galatians, Christians are children of God through

A. faith in Christ

B. keeping of the law

C. helping the needy

D. baptism and confirmation


40. Christ demonstrated humility by

A. riding on an ass to Jerusalem

B. allowing John to baptise him

C. taking the form of a servant

D. eating with sinners


41. Peter admonished Christians to be sober and watchful in order to avoid

A. temptation

B. God's wrath

C. the devourer

D. damnantion


42. New Life in Christ means

A. paying your tithe regularly

B. helping the poor and the needy

C. being dead to sin

D. getting baptised


43. In Romans, Paul taught that where there is no law, there is no

A. transgression

B. peace

C. reward

D. punishment


44. The purpose of grace is to

A. justify the law

B. cancel the law

C. fight the law

D. establish the law


45. In Romans, Paul stressed that the righteousness of God is

A. faith in the law of all who believe

B. works of the law for all who believe

C. fervent prayers by all believers

D. faith in Jesus Christ for all who believes


46. The concept of forgiveness does not include

A. reconciliation

B. restoration

C. peace

D. wealth


47. Paul said in Galatians that before faith came, we were confined under

A. grace

B. the law

C. righteousness

D. love


48. In his letter to Philemon, Paul did not ask him to

A. grant freedom to his slave Onesimus

B. allow Onesimus become a servant of God

C. forgive Onesimus for his earlier misbehaviour

D. prepare a feast for him


49. Peter enjoined humility because the humble shall

A. not be tempted

B. be blessed

C. receive God's grace

D. have long Life


50. Paul unhappy with high incidence of idleness among the Thessalonians commanded them to

A. assist those brothers who live in idleness

B. exhort the busy bodies to leave the church

C. ensure that anyone who does not work must not eat

D. regard the lazy ones as enemies