1. What in the creation account, gave man an edge over every other creature

A. other creatures were made for man

B. Man alone was created in the image of God

C. Man had the rare privilege to dwell in Eden

D. Satan acknowledged his privileged position


2. At Shechem God appeared to Abram and told him that

A. he should continue on his journey southward

B. he should leave his country and kindred

C. the land would be given to his descendents

D. in the land he should build an altar


3. In their dealings with God, Abraham and Sarah learnt the following lessons except that God is

A. able to bless the righteous

B. faithful to his promise

C. all powerful-nothing is too hard for him

D. not in a hurry to carry out his promises


4. Pharaoh's horsemen and his army overtook the fleeing Hebrews encamped by the sea at

A. Migdol

B. Etham

C. Phiahiroth

D. Meriba


5. The episode of David and Bathsheba, Uriah's wife was in violation of God's

A. sixth commandment

B. seventh commandment

C. eight commandment

D. ninth commandment


6. When the people of Israel received the encouraging report given by two of the twelve spies, they decided to

A. stone Moses for taking them out of Egypt

B. choose Caleb as their leader and go back to

C. stone the two spies who gave the report

D. raise an army to fight the Canaanites

7. Which of the following tribes accompanied Deborah and Barak to the war against Jabin and Sisera?

A. Naphthali and Zebulun

B. Issachar and Reuben

C. Ephraim and Dan

D. Judah and Benjamin


8. On matters of parental Responsibility, Samuel could not be commended because he

A. made his children judges instead of priests

B. wanted his children to suceed him

C. did nothing to stop his children's immoral behaviour

D. did not care what happened to Israel after


9. Eli the priest in Shiloh was condemned because he

A. allowed his children to deprive God of his share of sacrifice

B. allowed the Ark of God to be taken to the battle field

C. did not take God's message through Samuel seriously

D. officiated at the temple without the assistance of the prophet


10. David's first contact with Saul was because he was

A. skillfull in playing

B. victorious over Goliath

C. a man of favour

D. a shepherd boy


11. David showed Nathan the prophet that he had repented of his sin by

A. refusing to marry Uriah's wife

B. confessing that he had sinned

C. offering to compensate Uriah's family

D. making sacrifice to please God


12. Elijah was a prophet during the reign of

A. Gideon

B. David

C. Ahab

D. Rehoboam


13. When God ordered famine on Israel, Elijah was fed by the ravens at

A. Brook Cherith

B. River Jordan

C. River Kishon

D. Mount Carmel


14. "T Lord forbid that i should give you the inheritance of my fathers". The inheritance referred to here is

A. birth right

B. the world

C. the kingship

D. a vineyard


15. The King of Judah who suffered in the hands of Nebuchadnezzar was

A. Jehoachin

B. Manasseh

C. Josiah

D. Zedekiah


16. The punishment of Israel according to the vision of Jeremiah includes all the following except

A. occupation of the land by foreigners

B. restoration of their kings and priests

C. destruction of their flocks and herds

D. consumption of their harvest by their enemies


17. Complete this statement "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts,

A. the Seraphim’s bow to His glory

B. the whole earth will sing his glory

C. the whole earth is full of his glory

D. His creatures will rise to praise His Holy Name


18. When Isaiah saw the Lord in His holiness and glory, he exclaimed

A. "Blessed is me for i am truly Holy"

B. "Woe is me! for i am lost"

C. "Blessed be the name of the Lord"

D. "I am finished for i have seen a Holy God"


19. Jeremiah said the people of Judah were in a state of mourning because

A. they sinned against God

B. their vessels were empty

C. their farms were destroyed

D. there was drought in the land


20. The king planned to set Daniel over the whole kingdom because

A. he was the most educated of all

B. an excellent spirit was in him

C. he wanted to favour a foreigner

D. Daniel brought information to the King


21. God spoke through Amos that He would punish Israel for the following sins except that they

A. sold the righteous for silver

B. sold the needy for a pair of shoes

C. trampled the head of the poor into the dust

D. pursued their brothers with the sword


22. The first batch of Jewish exiles to rebuild the temple was under the leadership of

A. Joshua

B. Hanani

C. Sheshbazzar

D. Zerubabel


23. Which two tribes in Israel led in the rebuilding of the temple after the exile

A. Judah and Benjamin

B. Naphtali and Joseph

C. Manasseh and Rueben

D. Judah and Ephraim


24. After his baptism Jesus began to

A. proclaim the kingdom of God

B. baptize others

C. confront religious leaders

D. teach in parables


25. The devout man in Jerusalem whom the Lord promised would see Christ before his death was named

A. Zechariah

B. Joseph

C. Stephen

D. Simeon


26. Jesus ordered the seventy disciples not to salute any one because

A. their mission required urgency

B. it is not part of their mission to salute

C. they may forget their mission

D. salutations to strangers defile the Jews


27. Jesus teaches," Let your light so shine before men..." by Light Jesus refers to

A. the Christian character and virtues in us

B. the bright lights at the altar in the church

C. the light that shows the right way

D. our knowledge of the scripture


28. "And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house". This is a sign of

A. forgiveness

B. rebuke

C. acceptance

D. condemnation


29. "Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nets; but the son of man has nowhere to lay His head" By this statement, Jesus meant that His disciples

A. would not grow rich

B. would not enjoy good houses

C. had a lot of task ahead

D. had a lot of enemies


30. The treasures which Jesus wants us to lay in heaven include

A. generosity and kindness

B. love and mercy

C. works of righteousness

D. gold and silver


31. No one can serve two masters..." This means that one should not

A. be idolatrous

B. belong two religions

C. worship money

D. be an unbeliever


32. Whoever drinks the water Jesus gives will never thirst. what is this water?

A. The spirit of God

B. Holy and anointed water

C. The word of God

D. Law of God


33. Jesus said" I am the bread of life, he who comes to me shall not hunger..." Bread of life" in this context means the

A. body of Jesus Christ

B. manna given to the Israelites

C. holy bread of life

D. spiritual food through Jesus


34. John's summary of God's love for the world is that He

A. sent his son to judge the world righteously

B. created man in his own image with authority

C. made light that the world might walk in it

D. gave his only son to save all believers


35. According to John's Gospel, Lazarus was from

A. Bethany

B. Galilee

C. Jerusalem

D. Bethsaida


36. Jesus said to Martha.."...and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die..." Jesus talks about

A. physical death

B. spiritual death

C. emotional health

D. natural death


37. The meeting of the Christian Council of Jerusalem was chaired by

A. Peter

B. Paul

C. James

D. John


38. Paul wished to retain Onesimus with him but did not do so because

A. Onesimus was unwilling to stay with him

B. he was afraid of Philemon's reaction

C. he did not like such a favour to be imposed on Philemon

D. Onesimus would soon be released from jail


39. Paul and his associates gave the Thessalonian believers an important example to imitate. This example was to

A. be ready to help the poor always

B. toil, labour and work to earn a living

C. depend on foreign aids for sustenance

D. suffer imprisonment without complaint


40. Peter urged all Christians to endure sufferings in faith conscious of the fact that

A. Jesus himself also resisted suffering

B. the devil could lure them from faith with suffering

C. only the physical body is affected

D. suffering is temporary and leads to eternal glory


41. Paul's teaching in Colossians on love, respect and obedience concerns

A. Christian giving

B. family relationship

C. master servant relationship

D. Christian relations with their enemies


42. According to Peter, God set up the state for the purpose of

A. silencing the ignorance of foolish men

B. collecting appropriate taxes from its citizens

C. carrying out appropriate sanctions for the guilty

D. ensuring the protection of its citizens


43. In Paul's epistle to the Thessalonians, any Christian living in idleness should be

A. thrown out of the church

B. looked at as an enemy

C. sympathised with

D. avoided by the others


44. The two major obstacles against Abraham's hope for a son were

A. impotency and old age

B. old age and barrenness

C. faithlessness and unbelief

D. Sin and doubt


45. The theme justification by faith can only be achieved through

A. sacrifices to Jesus

B. resurrection of Jesus

C. redemptive power of Jesus

D. response of angels to Jesus


46. According to Paul in Romans, if it is the adherents of the law who are to be the heirs of Abraham then faith in Jesus is

A. null and void

B. not attainable

C. beyond the reach of Gentiles

D. transgression of the law


47. "Your blood be upon your heads! I am innocent. From now on i will go to the Gentiles." This was Paul's utterance at

A. Antioch

B. Corinth

C. Lystra

D. Ephesus


48. The preaching of the resurrection of Jesus by his disciples was opposed by the

A. Jews

B. Elders

C. Sadducees

D. Pharisees


49. The first missionary journey was started by Paul and

A. Judas

B. Barsabbas

C. Timothy

D. Barnabas


50. During the election to replace Judas among the twelve, Peter quoted from the book of

A. Joel

B. Psalms

C. Isaiah

D. Ezekiel