1. On the fourth day of creation God created

A. the great sea monsters

B. the firmament

C. the two great lights

D. every flying bird


2. In the first creation story, the major difference between man and all other living things was that

A. every other thing was created after man

B. only man was given the power to be fruitful

C. all other things were not created male and female

D. man was created in the image of the creator


3. How old was Abram when God appeared to him the second time

A. 75 years

B. 85 years

C. 99 years

D. 105 years


4. Which of the following was the first directive given to man after God had created him

A. Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it

B. Go ye into the world and exercise full authority over it

C. Be you kind to all creatures of the earth

D. Behold I have given you every plant yielding seed


5. Joseph named his first son "Manasseh" because God made him

A. king in Egypt

B. forget his hardship

C. a ruler of Israel

D. fruitful in his father's land


6. Moses ran away from Egypt because he

A. did not like to be trained in Egypt

B. could no longer bear the hunger in the land

C. feared the news of his murder would reach the king

D. heard a divine call to save his people


7. God provided water for the Israelites by asking Moses to strike the rock of the Wilderness of

A. Beersheba

B. Red sea

C. Sin

D. Sinai


8. Who among the following was to ensure the safety of King Saul in the wilderness of Ziph?

A. Joab

B. Jonathan

C. Abner

D. Abimelech


9. Solomon showed lack of wisdom in

A. building the temple

B. his bilateral agreement with other nations

C. engaging in commercial ventures

D. marrying foreign wives


10. The action of Rehoboam that led to the division of the kingdom was

A. following his father's tyranny

B. leading Israel to war

C. challenging Jeroboam

D. worshipping other gods


11. When Elijah's sacrifice was consumed by fire at mount camel the people reacted by saying

A. "Giving God the glory"

B. The Lord is God"

C. "Give thanks to the gods"

D. "The Lord is to be worshiped"


12. Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel for his farewell address at

A. Shechem

B. Gibeon

C. Bethel

D. Jordan


13. The Israelites under Barak defeated the Canaanite troops led by

A. Jael

B. Sisera

C. Abinoam

D. Heber


14. According to Daniel the command of Nebuchadnezzar to worship the golden image amounted to

A. profanity

B. idolatry

C. sacrilege

D. abomination


15. "Your love is like the morning cloud, like the dew that goes early" What did Hosea mean by this statement?

A. Israel's relationship with God was shortlived

B. Israel did not truly love God as she should

C. Israel did have love for other gods

D. Israel had no love for God



16. "Yet what they are building, if a fox goes up on it he will break down their stone wall" This statement by Tobias was meant to

A. taunt and ridicule the Jews

B. stop and disgrace the Jews

C. tease and punish Nehemiah

D. alert and strengthen Nehemiah


17. Jeremiah viewed the relationship between God and Israel in her youth to be that of

A. compassion, sincerity and hope

B. obedience, tolerance and mercy

C. righteousness, kindness and zeal

D. loyalty, love and faithfulness


18. Darius became convinced of God's power through Daniel's

A. constant praying and fasting

B. interpretation of mysteries

C. faithfulness and steadfastness

D. fearlessness in the face of difficulties


19. God addressed Ezekiel as the "Son of Man". This phrase emphasizes the prophet's

A. humanity

B. character

C. humility

D. elegance


20. God promised to make the forehead of Ezekiel hard against those of the Israelites. This meant that God would

A. strengthen and equip Ezekiel with courage

B. protect and harden Ezekiel

C. equip Ezekiel with oracles and power

D. give Ezekiel new head and power to heal


21. According to Matthew's account of the baptism of Jesus, the voice from heaven said

A. "here is my beloved son"

B. "this is my beloved son"

C. "thou art my beloved son"

D. "see my beloved son"


22. What virtue did the Centurion exhibit in the healing of his servant?

A. Forgiveness

B. Love

C. Compassion

D. Faith


23. Jesus demonstrated his compassion for humanity in all the following miracles except the

A. feeding of the five thousand

B. healing of the centurion's servant

C. feeding of the four thousand

D. healing of the paralytic


24. Which of the following parables alludes to the existence of a mixture of good and bad people in the church? The

A. Wicked Tenants

B. Seed growing secretly

C. Wheat and Tares

D. Prodigal son

25. Jesus' call of the first four disciples to catch men rather than fish implies that they were to

A. be trained to become Rabbis

B. convert the Jews into Judaism

C. propagate the teachings of Jesus

D. win proselytes back to Jesus


26. According to the Sermon on the Mount, God's kingdom would be filled with those who were

A. mournful

B. Meek

C. poor in spirit

D. hungry and thirsty


27. In his Transfiguration, Jesus took with him

A. Peter, James and Andrew

B. Andrew, Peter and John

C. Matthew, James and Peter

D. James, John and Peter


28. "He saved others, he cannot save himself". This was said by the

A. Scribes and elders

B. Roman authority

C. Crowd of People

D. Crucified thieves


29. The last words of Jesus on the cross was

A. my God, my God, why has Thou forsaken"

B. father forgive them their transgression

C. father into thy hand i commit my spirit

D. God have mercy upon them


30. What did Jesus do at Jacob's well to occasion a conversation between him and the Samaritan woman? Jesus

A. told her about her past life

B. drove away her attackers

C. asked for water to drink

D. drew water for her


31. According to Jesus, the following are true about the Good Shepherd except that he

A. lays down his life for the sheep

B. has no sheep out of the fold

C. does not abandon the sheep to the wolf

D. knows the sheep and they know him


32. In His teachings as the True Vine, Jesus maintained that prayers could be answered if the disciples

A. confess their sins

B. abide in him

C. pray constantly

D. ask for edifying things


33. On the day of the Pentecost, the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit and they all

A. prophesied

B. spoke in tongues

C. baptized the converts

D. preached to the multitudes


34. The Jewish religious sect which did not believe in resurrection were the

A. Pharisees

B. Zealots

C. Sadducees

D. Essenes


35. "...yet the most high does not dwell in houses made with hands..." This defense of Stephen meant that God is

A. Omnipotent

B. Omnipresent

C. Alpha

D. Omega


36. Phillip's flight into Samaria was necessitated by

A. the need to convert the Samarians

B. directive from the Holy Spirit

C. persecution of Christians by Saul

D. the stoning of Stephen


37. "Tabitha, arise" These were said by Peter during the

A. healing of Aenas from paralysis

B. raising of Dorcas from death

C. healing of the lame man

D. converting of Simon the magician


38. Luke described Cornelius as a devout man who feared God because he was

A. Hellenist of the Italian Cohort

B. Proselyte of Jewish descent

C. Greek who favoured Jewish religion

D. Proselyte in sympathy with Jewish faith


39. Prior to the day of Pentecost, members that constituted the early Church were

A. 120

B. 1,200

C. 3,000

D. 4,000


40. Paul's letter to Philemon emphasizes

A. humility

B. love

C. forgiveness

D. sincerity


41. Paul believes that spiritual gifts are of great advantage to the Church because they

A. enhance the beauty of the Church

B. promote growth in diverse ways

C. lead to talent development

D. help the individual to be active


42. The Philippians showed their solidarity with Paul while in prison by

A. using Ephraphroditus to appeal for his release

B. sending gifts to him through Ephraphroditus

C. sending envoys from Corinth to defend him

D. offering regular sacrifices on his behalf


43. All the following describe Christians in first Peter except

A. holy nation

B. people living together

C. God's own people

D. chosen race


44. In Corinthians, Paul stated that he was unfit to be called an apostle because he

A. could not speak in tongues

B. persecuted the Church

C. was not one of the twelve

D. was a Pharisee


45. According to Paul in second Thessalonians, one of the signs of the second coming would be

A. revelation of man of lawlessness

B. an explosion of world population

C. increasing rate of fake disciples

D. flagrant violation of God's law


46. Peter described Christians as a chosen race of God because they are to

A. Declare God's wonderful deeds

B. become ordained pastors

C. lead a new life

D. displace the jews in God's rating


47. According to Paul's teaching in Galatians, Christians become sons of God by

A. having faith in Jesus Christ

B. adoption of Judaism

C. being Abraham's descendants

D. works of faith


48. According to Peter, doing the right thing is a way of expressing

A. our rights

B. our freedom

C. faith in Christ

D. dislike for evil


49. Paul's letter to Philemon was written to

A. support Onesimus as he returned to his master

B. order him to take back his slave

C. blame Onesimus for stealing from his master

D. request Philemon to free his slave


50. According to Peter, Christians who suffer for Christ should not be ashamed but should

A. glorify God

B. be encouraged

C. be patient

D. be grateful