1. Eve was to have pains at childbirth because she

A. seduced Adam

B. conversed with the serpent

C. ate of the tree of life

D. ate of the tree of good and evil


2. Abram's obligation in his covenant with God was to

A. change Sarai's name to Sarah

B. walk before God blamelessly

C. change his name to Abraham

D. offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice


3. God prepared Joseph for his leadership role in Egypt through

A. the love which his father had for him

B. the trials and temptations of his earlier years

C. his disagreement with his brothers

D. His encounter with Potiphar's wife


4. By removing his sandals before the burning bush, Moses was showing a sense of

A. honour and love

B. curiousity and adventure

C. humility and respect

D. reverence and submissiveness


5. The twelve spies that were sent by Moses to the Promised Land were to confirm all the following except

A. the type of people in the land

B. the fertility of the land

C. fortifications of the cities

D. availability of grapes in the land


6. When the people of Israel received the minority report from the spies, they decided to

A. Kill Moses for taking them out of Egypt

B. go back to Egypt

C. choose Caleb as their new leader

D. stone the two spies to death


7. The purpose of Joshua's address at Shechem was to

A. show his love for God

B. establish a new covenant with God

C. remind Israel of their unfaithfulness

D. make Israel trust God


8. God rejected Eli's line of priesthood because

A. his children were idolators

B. they did not obey the prophets

C. Eli and his children took bribes

D. his children lust after women at worship


9. "It is the Lord, let Him do what seems good to Him". These were the words of

A. Saul

B. Samuel

C. Moses

D. Eli


10. What reasons were put forward by the Israelites in asking for a king?

A. The age of Samuel and the conduct of his sons

B. The conduct of Samuel and the strength of the Philistines

C. the age of Samuel and the conduct of Eli

D. The conduct of Samuel and the age of his sons


11. Asa is an example of a parent

A. who failed to direct his children's part

B. who admonished his children

C. whose children perverted justice

D. whose children interfered with God's sacrifice


12. The contest on Mount Carmel was organized to

A. popularize Baal worship

B. prove the power of God

C. show that God answers by fire

D. prove the immortality of Elijah


13. God promised to punish the house of Ahab and not Ahab himself, because he

A. humbled himself

B. acted under pressure

C. was a righteous man

D. acted wisely

14. The worship of "Host of Heaven" in Judah during Manasseh's reign was an indication that he

A. Yahweh's worship has declined

B. Judah's king was weak

C. Assyrian influence was strong

D. Babylonian influence was great


15. Who among the following carried out a religious reform in Judah?

A. Jehosaphat

B. Joshua

C. Josiah

D. Jehoiachim


16. Who among the following carried out a religious reform in Judah?

A. Jehosaphat

B. Joshua

C. Josiah

D. Jehoiachim


17. Jeremiah's vision of a boiling pot represented

A. Judah's sins

B. pot of destruction

C. invasion from the North

D. Judah's rejection


18. Hosea's daughter was called

A. Jezreel

B. Not pitied

C. Not my people

D. Phineas


19. What was Nehemiah's immediate reaction to the news concerning Jerusalem? He

A. wept

B. prayed

C. fainted

D. fasted


20. According to Ezekiel, the wicked person should

A. be stoned to death

B. redeem himself

C. be reprimanded by the prophet

D. pay for the sins committed


21. The incident in the fiery furnace concerning Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego convinced Nebuchadnezzar that

A. they had many gods to save them

B. the Jews were very powerful people

C. the three Jews were angelic beings

D. Yahweh is the only true God


22. The opposition to the rebuilding of the temple was resolved by

A. constant prayer

B. edict issued by Darius

C. fighting the opponents

D. Ezra's dialogue with opponents


23. All the following took place at the transfiguration of Jesus except that

A. a voice was heard from heaven

B. a dove came down upon Jesus

C. the face of Jesus was changed

D. Jesus' clothe became dazzling white


24. Jesus taught in parables in order to

A. make known the secrets of the kingdom

B. hide the secrets of life from the public

C. make his teaching enjoyable

D. enable his disciples preach better


25. According to Luke, Jesus' birth in a manger was due to

A. the choice of the parents

B. lack of room in Joseph;s family house

C. lack of place for them in the inn

D. Mary's labour being sudden


26. "....you brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?" The "wrath to come" here refers to the

A. day of confusion

B. judgement day

C. rejection by God

D. burning furace

27. According to Luke, the third temptation of Jesus was that He should

A. jump down from the high mountain

B. jump from the pinnacle of the temple

C. bow and worship him

D. order the stone to become bread


28. The initial evidence that the disciples had received the Holy Spirit was

A. performing miracles

B. preaching to the people

C. speaking in tongues

D. praying together


29. The gospel which gives prominence to the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus Christ is

A. Mathew

B. Mark

C. John

D. Luke

30. Jesus aske the name of Gerasene Demonic in order to

A. Know the character of the man

B. drive out the evil spirit

C. know what was actually wrong with him

D. have complete control over him

32. "But I say to you, do not resist one who is evil." This was part of Jesus' teaching on

A. humility

B. prayer

C. retaliation

D. violence


32. The prayer of Jesus at Gethsemane shows that

A. He was in severe agony

B. He wanted to escape death

C. He needed the support of His disciples

D. God had abandoned him


33. Pilate referred Jesus to Herod for trial because

A. Pilate and Herod were good friends

B. Jesus did not cooperate with Pilate

C. Jesus lived in the jurisdiction of Herod

D. Pilate and Herod were enemies


34. After the resurrection, the Early Church met to

A. determine how to deal with the Sanhendrin

B. plan the expansion of the church

C. appoint a replacement for Judas Iscariot

D. determine the Inclusion of the Gentiles in the church


35. The First Martyr among the apostles was

A. James

B. Phillip

C. Peter

D. Stephen


36. According to the First Council at Jerusalem, the following were binding on a Christian except

A. praying always in the temple

B. not eating animals that have been strangled

C. living a life of chastity

D. avoiding food sacrificed to idols


37. The appointment of the Seven Deacons highlighted the need for

A. sharing responsibility

B. distributing gifts among the apostles

C. living in peace with one another

D. organizing social services


38. The laying of hands on Barnabas and Paul for the First Missionary Journey signifies their being

A. blessed

B. commissioned

C. appointed

D. anointed


39. What yoke did the Council of Jerusalem say had been difficult for Pharisees and their fathers to bear? The question of

A. discipleship

B. circumcision

C. the cross

D. repentance


40. Justification by faith according to Paul is

A. the state of being a blessed child of God

B. acquitted by the one offended

C. acquitted from moral sin and satanic oppression

D. the state of being acquitted and accepted


41. Paul in Thessalonian said the signs of the Second Coming of Christ would start with

A. condemnation

B. rebellion

C. earthquake

D. darkness


42. James teaches that all the following are true causes of unanswered prayers except

A. sin

B. diligence

C. unfaithfulness

D. greed


43. The gifts of the spirit which could be referred to as "vocal gifts" are

A. healing, miracles and faith

B. wisdom, knowledge and discernment

C. prophecy, tongues and interpretations

D. tongues, faith and wisdom


44. Paul believes that the resurrection of the dead would only occur on the

A. last day

B. triumphant day

C. asension day

D. Pentecost day


45. A good citizen according to Peter is one that

A. obeys the law of the state and provides for the poor

B. provides social services for the needy

C. obeys the law of the state and fufills his obligations

D. helps to finance the government at all times


46. The primary motive for Christian giving is to

A. go to heaven when they die

B. reciprocate God's blessing

C. support the work of the church

D. provide for the servants of God


47. According to Paul, God gives us victory over death through

A. Adam

B. Jesus

C. The Holy Spirit

D. Angels


48. The meaning of reconciliation in Paul's thought is how to

A. pay back your debt

B. have peace with God and man

C. give alms to the needy

D. please God with your prayers


49. Which of Paul's epistle was written to an individual?

A. Romans

B. Corinthians

C. Colossians

D. Philemon


50. James urged Christians not to be partial to fulfill the "royal law". What is the "royal law"?

A. You shall not commit adultery

B. Do good to those who hate you

C. You should love your neigbour as yourself

D. Pray for those in authority always