1. Darkness was not created during creation because

A. the earth was full of water

B. God's spirit was over the waters

C. darkness was already in existence

D. God wanted to have day night


2. The two creation stories agree that

A. man and woman were created on the same day

B. creation was carried out by spoken word

C. there was existing land mass before creation

D. creatures created were to be fruiful and multiply


3. Joseph was of a good behaviour because he

A. was loved and pamperd by his father

B. interacted well with his prison inmates

C. love all that comes to him

D. served dilgently in Potiphar's house


4. Do you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?

This statement made Moses aware of the fact that

A. some Israelites did not like him

B. God was sending him to Midian

C. Pharaoh was looking for his arrest

D. his killing of an Egyptian was known


5. God made to chase and bring the Israelites back to Egypt so that He would

A. show that Moses was his true servant

B. destory first born males of Egyptians

C. get glory over Pharaoh and his hosts

D. reveal his super natural powers to the world


6. The minority report of the twelve spies was presented by

A. Caleb and Joshua

B. Palti and Gaddiel

C. Joshua and Ammiel

D. Sethur and Gaddiel


7. Moses asked God for a new leader for Israel so that Israel might

A. have a shepherd

B. conquer the Canaanities

C. own the Promised Land

D. become a greater nation


8. Moses before his death served Israel as

A. prophet, liberator and king

B. king, priest and warrior

C. priest, prophet and deliverer

D. strategist, seer and prophet


9. Besides being a ture prophetess, Deborah could also be described as a woman of

A. love

B. glory

C. peace

D. charity


10. ''Give meat for the priest to roast for he will not accept boiled meat from you, hut raw''

This request was wrong because in a peace offering,

A. meat with blood was unacceptable

B. juicy meat went to the worshippers

C. the fat were burnt before any distribution

D. priests were entitled to the right thigh and breast


11. Which of the following people destroyed Shiloh and captured the Ark? The

A. Ammonites

B. Amalekites

C. Palestinians

D. Philistines


12. Samuel said that rebellion was as the sin of divination just as stubbornness was as

A. iniquity and adultery

B. sinful as disobedience

C. iniquity and murder

D. sinful as adultery


13. ''Has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord? These words were directed to king

A. Ahab

B. Saul

C. Agag

D. David


14. After Saul's death on Mount Gilboa, the Philistines

A. burnt his body near the tamarisk tree

B. sent his head to Dagon their god

C. made a sport of him at Bcthshan

D. buried his sons in a mass grave


15. Although David was regarded as a man after God's heart, he acted badly before God when he

A. refused to slay Saul in the wilderness of Kish

B. remained at home while his troops were on the battle field

C. imprisoned Nathan for condemning him

D. committed sins of adultery and murder


16. The Hebrew kingdom broke up because of

A. prophet Ahijah's curse against Solomon

B. Solomon's marriage to foreign women

C. Rehoboam's efforts to rule Shechem

D. Rehoboam's refusal to grant the Northerners' petition


17. Josiah sent the ashes of the burnt vessels of Baal to Bethel in order to

A. desecrate the golden calf being worshipped

B. desecrate the place for child sacrifice

C. despoil the high places of Asherah

D. consecrate that place for Yahweh worship


18. King Nebuchadnezzar mounted his golden image on / at

A. the plain of Dura

B. the plain of Jericho

C. the sea of Arabab

D. susa of Babylon


19. Daniel disobeyed King Darius by

A. refusing to honour the Persian gods

B. refusing to be made president of the Satraps

C. celebrating Jewish festival in a foreign land

D. praying three times daily for thirty days

20. The Judean King who revolted against Babylon after serving her for three years was

A. Jehoahaz

B. Jehoiakim

C. Jehoiachin

D. Zedekiah


21. The Judean King who revolted against Babylon after serving her for three years was

A. Jehoahaz

B. Jehoiakim

C. Jehoiachin

D. Zedekiah


22. Nehemiah showed concern for his nation by

A. reviving Yahweh worship

B. rebuilding the temple

C. reconstructing Jerusalem walls

D. leading exiles home


23. The tribes which led the Jews in rebuilding the temple were

A. Judah and Benjamin

B. Levi and Gad

C. Ephraim and Manasseh

D. Reuben and Zebulun


24. Amos satirically invited the Jews to come to Bethel and Gilgal in order to

A. repent

B. worship

C. transgress

D. pacify


25. Hosea described the relationship between God and Israel as

A. a covenant contract

B. a marriage bond

C. a marriage reunion

D. an agreement bond


26. Jesus baptism was significant because it

A. initiated him into Judaism

B. cleansed Him from sin

C. awakened the messianic spirit in Him

D. marked the call into the messianic ministry


27. ''If you are the son of God, throw yourself down from here''.

This temptation implies that Jesus should

A. win followers through the use of spectacular miracles

B. win converts through the supply of basic needs

C. allow angels to minister unto Him

D. use scriptures to overcome the devil


28. The two old Testament books that were used in the temptation stories were

A. Genesis and Proverbs

B. Leviticus and Lamentation

C. Numbers and Ecclesiastes

D. Deuteronomy and Psalms


29. The two old Testament books that were used in the temptation stories were

A. Genesis and Proverbs

B. Leviticus and Lamentation

C. Numbers and Ecclesiastes

D. Deuteronomy and Psalms


30. ''For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the catch of fish which they had taken ''The people being referred to in the text were

A. Matthew, John and Andrew

B. Matthias, John and Peter

C. James , Peter and John

D. Simon, Andrew and Thomas


31. Jesus taught that Christians should forgive their neighbours' sins

A. three time only

B. seventy times seven times

C. seventy seven times seven times

D. as many times as possible


32. In the garden of Gethsemane , Jesus

A. was arrested

B. was crucified

C. rebuked Judas Iscariot

D. prayed for peace


33. During Jesus trial some people discovered that Peter was Jesus followers because of his

A. Pharisaic attire

B. Galilean accent

C. attack on the maid

D. anger against the Jews


34. Which of the following incidents occurred during Jesus trial before Caiaphas?

A. The preference of Barabbas to Jesus

B. The question of payment of tribute

C. Accusationof Jesus as a rioter

D. The seeking of false witness against Jesus


Discipleship requires self-denial and complete

A. tolerance

B. forgiveness

C. commitment

D. purification


36. ''This is the King of the Jews''.

This inscription on the cross was meant to show Jesus'

A. charge

B. punishment

C. victory

D. messiahship


37. How many groups of people mocked at Jesus on the cross according to ST Mark's gospel?

A. Two

B. Three

C. Four

D. Five


38. ''Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went to see the sepulchre.''

''The other Mary '',according to St Mark was the mother of

A. James and Joses

B. James and John

C. Simon and Andrew

D. Thomas and John Mark


39. The resurrection story encourages Christians to believe that the Lord they adore is

A. still alive today

B. a miracle working God

C. Lord over evils

D. powerful and just


40. As a result of Peter's speech on Pentecost day

A. the dispute over drunkenness was resolved

B. the prophecies of Joel were vindicated

C. the religious leaders accepted Jesus resurrection

D. many Jewish souls joined Christianity


41. To which religious party did Gamaliel belong? The

A. Zealots

B. Sadducees

C. Pharisees

D. Herodians


42. ''And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit Who,,? God has given to those who obey him''

''These things'' in the disciple' statement before the Sanhedrin refers to

A. the election of Matthias

B. out pouring of the holy spirit

C. the miracles and teaching of Jesus

D. death and resurrection of Jesus Christ


43. Stephen was appointed as a deacon to

A. preach to the gentile world

B. perform signs and wonders of Jesus

C. cater for the poor and needy

D. defend Christianity as a true religion


44. The importance of the parable of the unmerciful servant is that christians should

A. allow mercy to take precedence over justice

B. avoid discrimination against one another

C. be faithful and not to betray their trust

D. use wealth diligently and honestly


45. The visitors of Peter after his vision at Joppa were from

A. Jerusalem

B. Samaria

C. Caesarea

D. Antioch


46. When Rhoda reported that Peter was at the door, the inmates retorted that

A. ''you are a liar''

B. ''you are mad''

C. ''Peter is alive''

D. ''Peter is dead''


47. James maintained that the double-minded man would not have his prayers answered because he

A. is unstable in all his ways

B. asks for things with selfish motives

C. prayers with unforgiving hearts

D. intercedes with a sinful heart


48. Which of the following, according to James is an important factor for effective prayer?

A. Love

B. Faith

C. Hope

D. Mercy


49. Partiality according to James is manifested in the Church through

A. discrimination

B. charity

C. affection

D. impartiality


50. To be a good citizen, Peter advised believers to honour all men and

A. live as free men

B. love the brotherhood

C. obey their lawful masters

D. love reading the scriptures