Title waecmaths question
Question 1

Simplify 0.000215 × 0.000028 and express your answer in standard form

Question 2

Factorise $x+y-ax-ay$

Question 3

In the diagram $\angle PSR={{22}^{{}^\circ }},\text{ }\angle SPQ={{58}^{{}^\circ }}$ and Calculate the obtuse angle QRS

Question 4
Question 5
Question 6

A car uses one litre of petrol for every 14km. If one litre of petrol cost N63.00, how far can the car go with N900.00 worth of petrol?

Question 7

Correct 0.002473 to 3 significant figures

Question 8

Simplify $1\tfrac{1}{2}+2\tfrac{1}{3}\times \tfrac{3}{4}-\tfrac{1}{2}$

Question 8

Simplify $1\tfrac{1}{2}+2\tfrac{1}{3}\times \tfrac{3}{4}-\tfrac{1}{2}$

Question 9

The sum of 2 consecutive whole numbers is $\tfrac{5}{6}$ of their product. Find the numbers

Question 10

What is the value of m in the diagram?

Question 11

In the diagram, $QR\parallel ST,\text{ }\left| PQ \right|=\left| PR \right|$ $\text{ and }\angle PST={{75}^{{}^\circ }}$. find the value of y

Question 12

A casting is made up of Copper and Zinc. If 65% of the casting is Zinc and there are 147g of Copper. What is the mass of the casting?

Question 12

A casting is made up of Copper and Zinc. If 65% of the casting is Zinc and there are 147g of Copper. What is the mass of the casting?

Question 13

Given that $P=\{x:1\le x\le 6\}$ and $Q=\{x:2<x<10\}$ , where x is an integers. Find $n(P\cap Q)$

Question 14

The sum of 6 and one –third of x is more than twice x. Find x

Question 15

Given that $T=\{x:-2<x\le 9\}$ where x is an integer . What is n(T)

Question 16

Solve the inequality  $3(x+1)\le 5(x+2)+15$

Question 17

An empty rectangular tank is 250cm long and 120 cm wide. If 180 litres of water is poured into the tank, calculate the height of the water.

Question 18

Given that $\frac{{{5}^{n+3}}}{{{25}^{2n-3}}}={{5}^{0}}$ , find n

Question 19

Number of pets






Number of students






The table shows the number of pets kept by 30 students in a class. If a students is picked at random from the class . What is the probability that he/she kept more than one pet?

Question 20

Simplify $2\sqrt{3}-\frac{6}{\sqrt{3}}+\frac{3}{\sqrt{27}}$

Question 21

In the diagram, triangle HKL and HIJ are similar. Which of the following ratios is equal to $\frac{LH}{JH}$

Question 22

In the diagram, the tangent MN makes an angle of 55o with the chord PS. If  O is the centre of the circle, find $\angle RPS$

Question 23

Simplify $\frac{2}{2+x}+\frac{2}{2-x}$

Question 24

A rectangle has length xcm and width (x – 1)cm. if the perimeter is 16cm, find the value of xcm

Question 25

Given that $\tan x=1$ where ${{0}^{\circ }}\le x\le {{90}^{\circ }}$ evaluate $\frac{1-{{\sin }^{2}}x}{\cos x}$

Question 26

If $\sin 3y=\cos 2y$ and ${{0}^{\circ }}\le y\le {{90}^{\circ }}$, find the value of y

Question 27

The sum of the exterior angles of an n – sided convex polygon is half the sum of its interior angles. Find n

Question 28
Question 29

If  $y=\frac{2\sqrt{{{x}^{2}}+m}}{3N}$ make x the subject of the formula

Question 30

The nth term of the sequence  –2, 4, –8, 16,…. Is given by

Question 31

In the diagram, O is the centre of the circle, $\angle SQR={{60}^{{}^\circ }},\angle SPR=y$ and $\angle SOR=3x$ find the value of (x + y)

Question 32

How many times, correct to the nearest whole number, will a man run around a circular track of diameter 100 m to cover a distance of 1000m

Question 33

The shaded portion in the diagram is the solution

Question 34

In the diagram, $\left| EF \right|=8cm$ $\left| FG \right|=xcm$ $\left| GH \right|=(x+2)cm$ , $\angle EFG={{90}^{\circ }}$ If the area of the shaded portion is 40cm2. Find the area of $\Delta EFG$

Question 35

In the diagram GI is a tangent to the circle at H. If $EF\parallel GI$ calculate the size$\angle EHF$

Question 36

Bala sold an article for N6,900.00 and made a profit of 15%. If he sold it for N6,600, he would make a 

Question 37

In the diagram $\angle ROS={{66}^{\circ }}$and $\angle POQ=3x$ .Some construction lines are shown. Calculate the value of x

Question 38

The mean age of R men in a club is 50 years. Two men aged 55 and 63, left the club and the mean age reduced by 1 year. Find the value of R