Title waecmaths question
Question 1

If N112.00 exchange for D14.95, calculate the value of D1.00 in Naira

Question 2

Solve for x in the equation $\tfrac{3}{5}(2x-1)=\tfrac{1}{4}(5x-3)$

Question 3

Given that $\cos {{x}^{\circ }}=\tfrac{1}{r}$ express tan xo in terms of r

Question 4

The diagram shows a cyclic quadrilateral PQRS with its diagonals intersecting at K. which of the following triangles is similar to triangle QKR?

Question 5

In the diagram OP and OR are radii, $\left| PQ \right|=\left| QR \right|$ and reflex $\angle POR$ is 240o. Calculate the value of x

Question 6

If a number is chosen at random from the set $\{x:4\le x\le 15\}$ , find the probability that it is a multiple of 3 or a multiple of 4

Question 7

Solve the equations$\begin{align}  & 3x-2y=7 \\ & x+2y=-3 \\\end{align}$

Question 8

One of the factors of $(mn-nq-{{n}^{2}}+mq)$ is (m – n). The other factor is

Question 9

A cylindrical container has a radius of 14cm and height 18cm.How many litres, correct to the nearest litres, of liquid can it hold? [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 10

Find the sizes of the angle marked x in the diagram


Question 11

A regular polygon of n sides has each exterior angle equal to 45o. Find the value of n.

Question 12

Esther was facing S 20oW. She turned 90o in the clockwise direction. What direction is she facing ?

Question 14
Question 15
Question 16

Form the equation whose roots are \[x=\tfrac{1}{2}\text{ and }-\tfrac{2}{3}\]

Question 17

Simplify $\frac{\log \sqrt{27}}{\log \sqrt{81}}$

Question 18

Which of the following can be constructed using a ruler and a pair of compass only

Question 19

The perimeter of a sector of a circle 4cm is $(\pi +8)cm$ . Calculate the angle of the sector

Question 20

The length of a piece of stick is 1.75m. A girl measured it as 1.80m. Find the percentage error.

Question 21

 What is the value of 3 in the number 42.7531?

Question 22

The height of a cylinder is equal to its radius. If the volume is 0.216π m3. Calcualte the radius

Question 23

In the diagram $MN\parallel OP,\angle NMQ={{65}^{\circ }}$ and $\angle QOP={{125}^{\circ }}$ what is the size of $\angle MQR$?


Question 24

 A circle is divided into two sectors in the ratio 3 : 7. If the radius of the circle is 7cm, Calculate the length of the minor arc of the arc

Question 25
Question 26
Question 28

Factorize the expression $am+bn-an-bm$

Question 27

From the diagram, which of the following statement are true?

I.  m = q

II. n = q

III.n + p =180o

IV. p + m =180o

Question 29
Question 30
Question 31

Simplify $\tfrac{m}{n}+\tfrac{m-1}{5n}-\tfrac{m-2}{10n}$ where $n\ne 0$

Question 32

If $\sqrt{72}+\sqrt{32}-3\sqrt{18}=x\sqrt{8}$ find the value of x

Question 33

G varies directly as the square of H. If G is 4 when H is 3, find H when G = 100

Question 34

Given that n(P) = 19,$n(P\cup Q)=38$ and $n(P\cap Q)=7$ find n(Q)

Question 35

What must be added to $(2x-3y)$ to get $(x-2y)$?

Question 36

Simplify $1\tfrac{3}{4}-(2\tfrac{1}{3}+4)$

Question 37

In the diagram, STUV is a straight line$\angle TSY=\angle UXY={{40}^{{}^\circ }}$ and $\angle VUW={{110}^{\circ }}$ calculate $\angle TYW$

Question 38

Given that ${{124}_{x}}=7({{14}_{x}})$ find the value of x

Question 39

Find the smaller value of x that satisfies the equation ${{x}^{2}}+7x+10=0$

Question 41

A rectangle garden measures 18.6m by 12.5m. Calculate to three significant figures, the area of the garden

Question 42

John pours 96litres of red oil into rectangular container with length 220cm and the breadth 40cm. calculate, correct to the nearest cm, the height of the oil in the container.