Title waecmaths question
Question 1

Express 302.10495 correct to five significant figures

Question 2

Simplify $\frac{3\sqrt{5}\times 4\sqrt{6}}{2\sqrt{2}\times 3\sqrt{3}}$

Question 3

In 1995, enrollments of two schools X and Y were 1,050 and 1,190 respectively. Find the ratio of the enrolment of X to Y

Question 4

Convert 3510 to a number in base 2

Question 5

The nth term of a sequence is ${{T}_{n}}=5+{{(n-1)}^{2}}$. Evaluate ${{T}_{4}}-{{T}_{6}}$

Question 6

Mr. Manu travelled from Accra to Panfokrom a distance of 720km in 8 hours. What will be his speed in m/s?

Question 7

If N2,500 amounted to N3,500 in 4 years at simple interest, find the rate at which the interest was charged?

Question 8

Solve for x in the equation $\frac{1}{x}+\frac{2}{3x}=\frac{1}{3}$

Question 9

Simplify $\frac{54{{k}^{2}}-6}{3k+1}$

Question 10

Represent the inequality $-7<4x+9\le 13$ on a number line

Question 11

Make p the subject of relation: $q=\frac{3p}{r}+\frac{s}{2}$

Question 12

If $x+y=2y-x+1=5$ , find the value of x

Question 13

The sum of 12 and one third of n is 1 more than twice n. Express the statement in the form of an equation.

Question 14

Solve the inequality: $-\frac{m}{2}-\frac{5}{4}\le \frac{5m}{12}-\frac{7}{6}$

Question 15

The curve surface area of cylindrical tin is 704cm2. If the Radius of its base is 8cm. Find the height? [Take $\pi =\tfrac{22}{7}$]

Question 16

The length of the minor and major arcs of a circle are 54cm and 126cm respectively. Calculate the angle of the major sector

Question 19

In $\Delta XYZ$ $\left| XY \right|=8cm,$$\left| YZ \right|=10cm$and $\left| XZ \right|=6cm$ which of theses relations is true?

Question 20

In the diagram O is the centre of the circle PQRS and $\angle PSR={{86}^{\circ }}$, if $\angle POR={{x}^{\circ }}$ find x

Question 22

In the diagram $MQ\parallel RS,\angle TUV={{70}^{\circ }}\text{and }\angle RLV={{30}^{\circ }}$ find the value of x

Question 23

In the diagram, MN, PQ and RS are three intersecting straight lines, which of the following statement (s) is/are true?

i.  t = y

ii. x + y + z + m  = 180o

iii x +m +n = 180o

iv. x + n = m + z


Question 24

If cos(x + 40o) = 0.0872, what is the value of x?

Question 25

A kite on a taut string of length 50m  inclined at an angle of 54o to the horizontal ground. The height of the kite above the ground is

Question 26

The position of three  ships P, Q and R at sea are illustrated in the diagram . The arrow indicated the North direction. The bearing of Q from P is 050o and $\angle PQR={{72}^{\circ }}$ .Calculate the bearing of R from Q

Question 27

Given that the mean of the scores 15, 21, 17, 26, 18 and 29 is 21. Calculate the standard deviation of the scores.

Question 28

A bag `contains 4 red and 6 black ball of the same size. If the ball are shuffled briskly and two ball are drawn one after the other without replacement . Find the probability of picking ball of different colours

Question 29

Which of these statement about $y=8\sqrt{m}$ is correct?

Question 30
Question 31
Question 32
Question 33

if $x+0.4y=3$ and $y=\tfrac{1}{2}x$ find the value of $(x+y)$

Question 34

Express $3-\left[ \frac{x-y}{y} \right]$ as a single fraction

Question 35

Find the coefficient of m in the expansion of $\left( \frac{m}{2}-1\frac{1}{2} \right)\left( m+\frac{2}{3} \right)$

Question 36

In the diagram, $MN\parallel PO,$ $\angle PMN={{112}^{{}^\circ }},\angle PNO={{129}^{{}^\circ }}\angle NOP={{37}^{{}^\circ }}$ and$\angle MPN=y$ find the value of y

Question 37

If P = {prime factors of 210} and Q = { prime number less than 10},find $P\cap Q.$

Question 38

Alfred spend $\tfrac{1}{4}$ of his money on food, $\tfrac{1}{3}$ on clothing  and saved the rest. If he saved N72,000.00, how much did he spend on food

Question 39

Solve ${{\left( \frac{27}{125} \right)}^{-\tfrac{1}{3}}}\times {{\left( \frac{4}{9} \right)}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}}$

Question 40

The sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon is 1800o. How many sides has the polygon?

Question 41

The diagram is a circle with centre O. PRST are points on the circle. Find the value of $\angle PRS$

Question 42

The diagram is a circle of radius $\left| OQ \right|=4cm$ . $\overline{TR}$ is a tangent to the circle at R. If  $\angle TPO={{120}^{{}^\circ }}$ find $\left| PQ \right|$ 

Question 43

If x and y are variable and k is a constant , which of the following describes an inverse relationship between x and y