Title waecmaths question
Question 1

Multiply $2.7\times {{10}^{-4}}$ by $6.3\times {{10}^{6}}$ and leave your answer in standard form

Question 2

If ${{9}^{(2-x)}}=3$, find x

Ouestion 3

In what number base is the addition of 465 + 24 + 225 =1050

Question 4

Simplify $\frac{1\tfrac{7}{8}\times 2\tfrac{2}{5}}{6\tfrac{3}{4}\div \tfrac{3}{4}}$

Question 5

If ${{U}_{n}}=n({{n}^{2}}+1)$ evaluate U5U4

Question 6

If $\sqrt{50}-k\sqrt{8}=\frac{2}{\sqrt{2}}$ find k

Question 7

A sales boy gave a change of N68 instead of N72. Calculate his percentage error.

Question 8

Four oranges sell for Nx  and three mangoes sell for Ny. Olu brought 24 oranges and 12 mangoes. How much did he pay in terms of x and y

Question 9

Simplify $\frac{{{x}^{2}}-{{y}^{2}}}{{{(x+y)}^{2}}}\div \frac{{{(x-y)}^{2}}}{(3x+3y)}$

Question 10

Solve the inequality $\frac{2x-5}{2}<(2-x)$

Question 11

If x = 64 and y = 27, evaluate $\frac{{{x}^{\tfrac{1}{2}}}-{{y}^{\tfrac{1}{3}}}}{y-{{x}^{\tfrac{2}{3}}}}$

Question 12

Which of the following lines represents the solution of the inequality $7x<9x-4$?

Question 13

If $\tfrac{1}{2}x+2y=3\text{ and }\tfrac{3}{2}x-2y=1$ find (x + y)

Question 14

Given that ${{p}^{\tfrac{1}{3}}}=\frac{\sqrt[3]{q}}{r}$, make q the subject of the equation

Question 15

In the diagram PRST is a square. If $\left| PQ \right|=24cm,\text{ }\left| QR \right|=10cm\text{ and }\angle PQR={{90}^{\circ }}$ , find the perimeter of the polygon PQRST

Question 16

In the diagram, the height of the flagpole $\left| TF \right|$ and the length of its shadows $\left| FL \right|$are in the ratio 6:8. Using K as a constant proportionality, find the shortest distance between T and L

Question 17

A chord is 2cm from the centre of a circle. If the radius of the circle is 5cm, find the length of the chord.

Question 18

A cube and a cuboid have the same area. The volume of the cube is 64cm3. While that of the cuboid is 80cm3. Find the height of the cuboid

Question 19

In the diagram $\overline{VX}$is a tangent to the tangent to the circle UYW at W. If $WY\parallel UV$, $\angle UYW={{95}^{\circ }}$ and $\angle UWY={{46}^{\circ }}$find $\angle UVW$

Question 23

In the diagram, O is the centre of the circle, $OM\parallel XZ$and $\angle ZOM={{25}^{\circ }}$. Calculate $\angle XYZ$

Question 24

If $\sin x=\tfrac{5}{13}$ and ${{0}^{\circ }}\le x\le {{90}^{\circ }}$ find the value of $(\cos x-\tan x)$

Question 25

An object is 6m away from a mast. The angle of depression of the object from the top of the mast is 50o. Find, correct to 2 decimal places the height of the mast.

Question 26

The bear of Y from X is 060o and the bearing of Z from Y =060o. Find the bearing of X from Z

Question 27

Which of the following is NOT a probability of Mary scoring 85% in a mathematics test?

Question 30

If $2{{\log }_{x}}(3\tfrac{3}{8})=6$ find the value of x

Question 31

If $P=\{y:2y\ge 6\}$and $Q=\{y:y-3\le 3\}$ when y is an integer. Find $P\cap Q$

Question 32

Find the values of k in the equation $6{{k}^{2}}=5k+6$

Question 33

If y varies directly as the square root of (x +1) and y = 6 when x =3, find x when y = 9

Question 34

The graph of the relation $y={{x}^{2}}+2x-k$ passes through the points (2,0). Find the value of k

Question 35






The pie chart shows the distribution of 600 mathematics textbooks for Arts, Business, Science and Technical classes.

How many textbooks are for the Technical classes?

Question 36

     The pie chart shows the distribution of 600 mathematics textbooks for Arts, Business, Science and Technical classes.What percentage of the total number of textbooks belongs to science?

Question 37

     In the diagram, PQRST is a regular polygon with the sides of OR and TS produced to meet at V. Find the size of $\angle RVS$

Question 38

What is the locus of the point X which moves relatives to two fixed points P and M on a plane such that $\angle PXM={{30}^{\circ }}$

Question 39

     In the diagram, PQ is a straight line, calculate the value of angle labelled 2y

Question 40

When a number is subtracted from 2, the result equals 4 less than one – fifth of the number. Find the number

Question 41

Express $\frac{2}{x+3}-\frac{1}{x-2}$ as a simple fraction

Question 42

An interior angle of a regular polygon is 5 times each exterior angle. How many sides has the polygon

Question 43

In the diagram $\overline{ST}\parallel \overline{PQ}$, reflex angle SRQ =198o and $\angle RQP={{72}^{\circ }}$ . Find the value of y

Question 44

Using the Venn diagram, find$n(X\cap Y')$

Question 45

Given that $P={{x}^{2}}+4x+2,\text{ }Q=2x-1\text{ and }Q-P=2$ find x